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How Soon Can You Release Feral Cats after Spaying?

Feral cats are once domesticated but then have become wild due to being abandoned or lost. Feral cats tend to show very fearful behavior towards humans so getting them spayed requires that you set a clean trap, hold them at least 24hrs before surgery, and release them in the same area where you caught them.

A feral cat is one that was once domesticated but now is lost and living outdoors amongst a colony of other cats. Feral cats also tend to be very afraid of people, so they are categorized as having anti-social behavior. If you work for an animal rescue facility or are an independent person who has a passion for helping animals in need, learning the proper technique involved with spaying a feral cat can be a valuable skill for you to develop.

Aside from knowing when to release feral cats after being spayed, you also need to know the proper protocol involved with catching them before the surgery. In addition to all of the substantive care procedures, they must undergo while in your care.

Below, we’re going to provide you with a detailed guide as to when you should release feral cats after being spayed and all of the other important information you need to know about the entire process.

What’s the safest time to release feral cats after spaying? 

First, you always want to make sure that you keep the cats inside of their trap or carrying case overnight at temperatures of at least 70-degrees or warmer. Preparing the holding space for the cat can help make the entire process of surgery go much smoother. You should set up your holding area by using a tarp on the ground with cardboard on top of it.

This will absorb any food waste, water, or urine that may be dispelled by the cat while in storage. Remember the location where you catch the cats because you have to release them in the same area they were released, or else it can have adverse effects on them after surgery.

The cat’s gender will play a huge role in the amount of time you need to wait before releasing them. Female cats should typically be held for about 48hrs after surgery is complete before being released back into their initial capture location. Male cats usually only need 24hrs for recovery after surgery, however.

How to handle feral cats after spaying 

You must carefully and cautiously handle feral cats because failing to do so can result in the cat escaping after being caught. There is a fundamental process you can follow to ensure that you release your feral cats safely and effectively.

Here is the step-by-step process required to release feral cats safely:

  • Leave the cats in their trap during the entire time of their recovery. Trying to transfer them or move their carrier can lead to injury or them escaping.
  • Always keep the cats inside a temperature-controlled environment that is draft-free. If that is not possible, try to store the cats in an area not directly exposed to external weather elements.
  • Keep the cats trap covered at all times to add a sense of security and protection to the cat. Keep the trap lined with newspaper so that it will not become stained with any excrement from the cat.
  • If you notice any discharges or bleeding during the recovery process, you should contact our veterinarian as soon as possible.

As long as you follow all of these simple rules, you will be able to release feral cats like a true professional.

People Also Ask 

Where can I get a feral cat spayed?

There are many different places you can get a feral cat spayed in your local area. You can find a feral cat spaying facility near you by calling 1-800-248-SPAY or by looking up the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary on google.

How long should you keep a feral cat after spaying?

Feral cats tend to need to be held for about 24hrs-72hrs after surgery is successful. Male cars can recover quickly, so they tend only to need about 24hrs to recover.

How much does it cost to spay a feral cat?

While the final cost to spay a feral cat varies, it typically costs about $300-$500 to spay a female cat. Male cats cost about $200 to spay on the other hand.


We’ve given you all of the vital information you need to know about spaying a feral cat and the processes you need to follow once the surgery is complete. Use all of these tips to safely and efficiently spay any feral cat you may have an interest in.

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