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how to treat mange in puppies

How to Treat Mange in Puppies: A Short Guide

We all want our pets to be happy, healthy, and comfortable. You may feel like a bad parent if your dog seems sick or unhappy, but some things are simply out of our control.

At Santa Cruz Veterinary Clinic, we care about your pets and want to help you keep them happy and healthy. Read on to learn how to treat mange in puppies and get them back to living a fun, carefree life. If you’re looking for a qualified and experienced veterinarian in Tucson, AZ, give us a call today.

What Is Mange?

Mange is a type of skin disease in dogs caused by parasitic mites. The mites feed on cells just beneath the skin’s surface. The two types of mange a dog can suffer from are 

  • Demodectic mange
  • Sarcoptic mange

Demodectic Mange

This type of mange is most common in puppies and older dogs. Demodex Canus is the mite that lives in most dogs’ hair follicles and skin oil glands that causes demodectic mange. These mites usually co-exist with their host animals with no problem.

However, for dogs with weakened immune systems, the Demodex mites can overpopulate and irritate the skin. Demodectic mange is initially hard to spot, but dogs may suffer secondary bacterial infections due to scratching once hair loss begins. The good news is demodectic mange is not contagious.

Sarcoptic Mange

A parasitic mite, known as Sarcoptes scabiei, is responsible for sarcoptic mange (or scabies) in dogs and other mammals. This form of mange is highly contagious and usually passes from one pet to another through contact at a vet clinic, dog park, groomer, kennel, or shelter. Scabies symptoms can take between two and six weeks to develop. 

In addition, pet owners can contract scabies from their pets. Your veterinarian can do a painless skin scraping to determine what kind of mange your pet may have.

How to Treat Mange in Puppies: Home Remedies

We highly recommend you bring your puppy to the vet if you think they have symptoms of mange. If you catch the issue in its early stages, some home remedies may be able to help.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Adding a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to your puppy’s food can help reduce itching and clear up scabs and irritated skin.

Lemon Slices

Slice a lemon with the peel intact and put it in boiling water. After it sits overnight, massage it into your dog’s coat with a sponge.


Apply some plain yogurt to your dog’s ears. This remedy is only good for areas your dog cannot reach with their mouth.

Olive Oil

Rub olive oil on your dog’s infected skin to reduce itching and inflammation.

Call Santa Cruz Veterinary Clinic

If you need to know how to treat mange in puppies, the best way to ensure quick results is to go to a veterinary clinic. At Santa Cruz Veterinary Clinic, we treat all pets in the Tuscon, AZ, area with care and compassion. Click the link to learn about tick infestation on dogs, and call us at 520-889-9643 to schedule your appointment.

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