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misconceptions of spaying and neutering

5 Misconceptions of Spaying and Neutering That Need to Be Cleared Up

If you own a pet, there’s a good chance you’ve either considered or heard about neutering as an option. While these procedures have many benefits, some pet owners have concerns about potential complications or downsides. These misconceptions of spaying and neutering require discussion, so this article will cover some of the most common negative beliefs and explain the truth of the matter.

Misconception: Animals Must Be Older to be Spayed or Neutered

Many pet owners believe that their animals must be fully grown before considering spaying or neutering. However, both cats and dogs mature much faster than people and become capable of bearing children within the first six months of life. Therefore, spaying or neutering pets while young is a wise decision for new pet owners. Our website is a great place to learn the appropriate age to spay dogs.

Misconception: It’s Too Expensive

While many pet owners are reluctant to pursue spaying or neutering their pets due to budget concerns, the process is far more affordable than you may think. Additionally, because these procedures benefit the entire community, lower-cost or even free clinics provide these services in many communities. Finally, it’s essential to consider the cost of caring for a litter of kittens or puppies, which can be expensive even if it’s for a short time.

Misconception: The Surgery Is Dangerous

We know you care about your animals and would never want to risk your pet’s health. Unfortunately, many pet owners struggle with whether or not to neuter their pets due to the inherent risk of any surgical procedure. However, modern vets conduct these procedures daily, and the medical evidence proves that the operations for neutering male animals as well as to spay females are both extremely safe. 

Misconception: My Pet’s Personality Will Change

Every pet has a distinct personality, and the fear of them changing may be what’s causing you to choose not to neuter your pets. Fortunately, these procedures will not impact the personality of your pet whatsoever. While reducing sex hormones may minimize aggression or territorialism, your pet will be the same sweet animal you have always known after the procedure.

Misconception: Spaying or Neutering Can Cause Weight Gain

Another common misconception of spaying or neutering your pets is that the procedures can cause weight gain. However, this belief is unfounded, as spaying or neutering should have no impact on your animal’s weight. While your pet may gain some weight during the recovery due to a lack of exercise, a well-regulated diet and regular exercise will have them back to normal in no time.

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Now that you’ve heard some of the misconceptions of spaying and neutering and how they can mislead pet owners, it’s time to turn your knowledge into action. At Santa Cruz Veterinary Clinic, we are proud to provide expert spaying and neutering to the pets of Tucson, AZ. Our expert staff can help you understand the process and learn more about dog neutering, so never hesitate to call Santa Cruz Veterinary Clinic at 520-889-9643.

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