Face masks are required for all appointments until further notice.
We are allowing one (1) person to accompany their pet(s) for appointments.


Face masks are required for NON-VACCINATED staff and clients until further notice. (Off-site Asavet clinics will follow local rules for each location.)

Santa Cruz staff will continue to implement several safety protocols for ourselves and our clients. We will be disinfecting public areas three times a day and continue to wear masks at all times on duty. Exam rooms are sanitized between each use. Staff is monitoring their own temperatures twice a day at home as well. We ask clients who are sick DO NOT come to our clinic. If you are COVID positive and have a family member or friend bring your pet to the clinic, please notify us ahead of time so we can take proper precautions.

Surgical check-in will still be taking place curbside and we will ask our wonderful clients to continue to be patient and wait in the parking lot in the car. If you have a regular appointment, you will be asked to wait to be escorted into the clinic by a technician and go immediately into an exam room. We ask that you stay in your assigned exam room during the whole visit. Our staff is working very hard to try and streamline this as best as possible and WE APPRECIATE YOUR PATIENCE AND A POSITIVE ATTITUDE! We realize that it is getting hot outside and are trying to limit waiting as much as possible. With that said, we must limit gathering in our lobby to enforce social distancing guidelines. We are a very busy clinic and are striving very hard to make your visit as safe and efficient as possible.

We will update protocols as Arizona Health Department and CDC updates on COVID activity across our state and what recommendations they publish."

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We are back in Douglas for 2019! Please call 520.889.9643 for dates.


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Santa Cruz Veterinary Clinic Reviews

At Santa Cruz Veterinary Clinic we value our clients' feedback on our services. Here is just a sample of what some of our clients had to say. We've been working hard to earn your trust and satisfaction since 1981!


Santa Cruz Veterinary Clinic Reviews
  • Mari R review

    They are compassionate and very friendly! The office manager is excellent!! She goes above & beyond to help our pets. Reasonable prices & quality care.

    - Mari R.

  • Santa Cruz Vet Clinic is the best option for pet care. They are extremely compassionate and continually try to find ways to provide the community with low cost vet care. I drive all the way from Sierra Vista. Thank you so much for treating all of my pets with care and dignity. Y’all are awesome!

    - Betty P.

  • Aaryn T Review

    They were very kind, caring and professional when treating my new puppy for parvo. Very fair prices too. Definitely switching vets! They are wonderful!

    - Aaryn T.

Contact Santa Cruz At Our Tucson Veterinarian Clinic

Looking for trust worthy quality care for your pet? Contact Santa Cruz Pet veterinary clinic today. Our Tucson veterinarians will make sure your pet is treated with care. You can call us at 520.889.9643. Or fill out our form below.

Asavet Charities Mobile Care Unit

Tucson Veterinarian News Update

2 dogs treated at our tucson veterinarian clinic

Trap, Neuter, Release Program

We accept feral/community cats through our Trap, Neuter, Release Program. Please drop off before 11am Monday-Friday at our Tucson Veterinarian clinic. We only accept feral cats that come in a humane trap, also known as a havahart animal trap. For more information about the program please CLICK HERE.

Seeing stray cats? We can help -- for FREE!

Our Community Cats Program is the humane and effective way to reduce the number of cats living on the streets in Pima County. Community cats are the un-owned outdoor or feral cats who live in our neighborhoods.

Our Community Cats Project provides:

  • Spaying or neutering and vaccination at our Tucson Veterinarian clinic. Over time, their numbers are reduced -- at no cost to the caretaker.
  • Ear-tipping of spayed or neutered cats. A painless procedure, an ear-tip is the universal symbol of a spayed or neutered outdoor cat.

The benefits include:

  • Prevents unwanted litters;
  • Saves taxpayer dollars by keeping cats out of our county shelter;
  • Decreases the number of cats being euthanized in our shelter;
  • Helps improve the health of outdoor cats; and
  • Reduces nuisance behaviors like spraying, fighting, howling, and roaming.

To be fixed for free through this program, cats must meet the following criteria:

  • The cat lives strictly outside.
  • The cat has no known owner (must not have a collar with ID or microchip).
  • The cat appears to be healthy.
  • The cat is at least 2 pounds, which is roughly 8-10 weeks of age.
  • All cats must be returned to their original colonies after surgery (dumping cats is illegal).

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Contact Information

Tucson Veterinarian Clinic Location
5408 S. 12th Ave., Tucson, Arizona 85706
Tel: 520.889.9643

Clinic Hours:
Monday - Friday: 8 AM - 6 PM
Saturday and Sunday: Closed
*We do not accept walk-ins

Payments Accepted: Cash, check w/ valid AZ ID, credit card (Visa, MC, AmEx, Discover), CareCredit (Apply for CareCredit) or Scratchpay (Apply for Scratchpay)

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