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We are allowing one (1) person to accompany their pet(s) for appointments.


Why Does My Dog Have a Lump on His Neck?

Few things cause more anxiety than petting your dog only to discover a bump beneath his fur. Scratching him beneath the collar, you find a strange bulge. Your mind begins racing as you wonder, “Why does my dog have a lump on his neck?” As Tucson’s trusted veterinarian, we have a few theories that might answer […]

Symptoms of Anemia in Dogs: 12 Signs Pet Owners Should Know

Why would pet owners need to know the symptoms of anemia in dogs? Spotting the signs of ill health is the best way to avoid costly treatment or, worse, potentially fatal sickness in your dog. Illnesses like anemia are subtle, requiring you to pay more attention to your furry friend if you want to catch […]

Why Does My Dog Follow Me to the Bathroom?

When you go to the bathroom, you assume you’ll have privacy while you do your business, but your dog usually has other ideas. Your four-legged friend might accompany you more often than not.  When your dog watches your every move, you might wonder, “Why does my dog follow me to the bathroom?” Tucson’s trusted veterinarian provides answers […]

How to Treat Mange in Puppies: A Short Guide

We all want our pets to be happy, healthy, and comfortable. You may feel like a bad parent if your dog seems sick or unhappy, but some things are simply out of our control. At Santa Cruz Veterinary Clinic, we care about your pets and want to help you keep them happy and healthy. Read […]

What You Need to Know About Treatment for Heartworm in Dogs

Heartworm is a blood-borne parasite disease in dogs. Known as Dirofilaria immitis, adult worms live in the heart, pulmonary artery, and surrounding large blood vessels of infected dogs. One dog can have as many as 300 heartworms at once. Prevention is the best way to keep your dog safe, but treatment for heartworm is often […]

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