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As of today (June 12th, 2o20), face masks are required for all appointments until further notice.
We are allowing one (1) person to accompany their pet(s) for appointments.

Pima County Licenses Fee

Services Fee



Postage/Processing Fee   1.00

Licensing Fee



Altered Dog   18.00
Altered Dog - Low Income Owner (Limit 4 per household - applies only to unincorporated County residents)   11.00
Altered Dog - Senior/Disabled Owner (Limit 4 per household)   13.00
Unaltered Dog   63.00
Duplicate or Transfer-of-Ownership License   10.00
Vicious/Dangerous Animal License   102.00

Licensing Late Fee

Less than one year late   10.00
One to two years late   22.00
More than two years late   36.00
Multi-Dog (kennel) permit, residents of unincorporated Pima County only   *Minimum $400

*The Kennel Permit fee is graduated subject to the number of animals licensed under the fee such that the permit holder pays $400 or 75% of the total cost of licensing all the animals individually, whichever is greater.

Payments Accepted: Cash, check w/ valid AZ ID, credit (VISA, MC, AMEX, Discover), Care Credit (Click here to apply for Care Credit), or Scratchpay (scratchpay.com)

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