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News Update

news update

On the first of April, Santa Cruz Vet Clinic added a computer software system and an upgraded phone system to our operations. We are making these investments to better serve our clients and improve our customer service. We are so grateful to our clients for their patience during this transition and we are doing the best we can to make the transition as smooth as possible for our wonderful clients and their pets.

We are aware of the problems with the phone and voicemail and are working as hard as we can to fix the problem. The voicemail box prompts are working now and we will return your calls within 24 hours. In addition, you can always email us at info@santacruzpet.com or karter@santacruzpet.com if you are having problems getting through. We have even had smart clients get a hold of us in a pinch through our Facebook page and fax (889-9643) over the past week to schedule appointments and call for medication refills!

Our whole team is working diligently to implement these programs. We do appreciate your feedback and your patience. We will now be able to implement a more accurate vaccine reminder system for you (even via email coming soon!) and be able to print out official vaccine and spay certificates for your pets. Labwork, x-rays, and other test reports and results will be integrated together in a computer record for each pet and available in a better format to our clients and other vet partners. Thank you!

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