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Welcome Dr. Barrett to Santa Cruz Vet

Dr. Barrett now rejoins Dr. Neal at Santa Cruz Veterinary Clinic to continue the mission of helping people, help their animals with affordable pet care and spay/neuter services. Kellie enjoys doing spay/neuter surgeries…especially cat neuters and looks forward to interacting with clients. Dr. Barrett is grateful for Dr. Neal for allowing her to have this opportunity to continue to grow as a veterinarian and help so many animals and people.

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Summer Update

Tucson is now in the middle of parvo season and we are encouraging all owners of new puppies this season to start vaccinations at 6 to 8 weeks of age. We will go over vaccine schedules and a wellness plan for your puppy or kitten when you and your pet come in. Puppies require a series of booster shots about 4 weeks apart until 4 to 5 months of age to be fully protected against parvo. We always see a peak of parvo cases from March through the summer. While some pups will survive, there is a significant mortality associated with parvo infection if not treated. Our staff can discuss treatment options for you if you think your dog is showing signs of parvo treatment.

Rattlesnake season is here! We have seen several cases of bites already at our hospital. We recently had our first confirmed case of a diamondback bite in a dog who has been receiving rattlesnake vaccine annually for about three years now. We were very pleased with how well she did. It was not a “dry bite” either. We were able to control her pain and swelling without hospitalization and she recovered very fast, not requiring antivenin or hospitalization...

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