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Cat Behavior: Why Do Cats Scratch Furniture?

Are you wondering, “why do cats scratch furniture?” We have a few answers that may be able to help. Contact a skilled veterinarian in Tucson, AZ, today to learn more about how you can deter this undesirable feline behavior. Why Do Cats Scratch Furniture – Natural Behaviors There are many reasons why your cat might […]

Tick Infestation on Dogs: Signs, Cure, and Prevention

Ticks are the banes of the existence of all animals. Every mammal on Earth is susceptible to tick bites and tick infestations, yet dogs always seem to get the brunt of the trauma. It could be the fearless nature of our dogs that causes them to trudge through tick-infested woods. A tick infestation on dogs […]

What Should You Do If You See Abandoned Kittens?

Pet lovers would do almost anything to rescue an animal in distress, but not everybody has the experience to care for abandoned animals safely. What would you do if you saw a litter of abandoned kittens on your property? If you find an animal in distress and need advice, the Santa Cruz Veterinary Clinic is […]

5 Common Cat Illnesses and How To Spot Them

Cats are excellent at self-maintenance. Therefore, it’s not always easy to spot when they require health checks and treatment. We’ll cover some cat illnesses (with signs and symptoms), so you’ll know when to take advantage of the veterinarian services by Santa Cruz Veterinary Clinic. Diarrhea Common causes of cat diarrhea include intestinal parasites, allergies, ingested spoiled […]

Summer Pet Safety: 5 Best Practices

Keeping your pet safe and happy in the summer requires a few extra steps. You can review the best tips for summer pet safety with our Santa Cruz Veterinary Clinic team. We offer veterinary services in Tucson, AZ. Find out more by calling us at 520-889-9643.  1. Keep Your Pets Out of Hot Cars The […]

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