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Pima County Licenses Fee

Services Fee   Fee
Postage/Processing Fee   1.00
Licensing Fee   Fee
Altered Dog   17.00
Altered Dog - Low Income Owner (Limit 4 per household - applies only to unincorporate county residents)   10.00
Altered Dog - Sr./Disable Owner (Limit 4 per household)   12.00
Unaltered Dog   62.00
Duplicate or transfer-of-ownership license   10.00
Vicious/dangerous animal license   101.00
Licensing Late Fee   Fee
Less than one year late   10.00
One to two years late   22.00
More than two years late   36.00
Multi-Dog (kennel) permit, residents of unincorporated Pima County only   *Minimum $400

*The Kennel Permit fee is graduated subject to the number of animals licensed under the fee such that the permit holder pays $400 or 75% of the total cost of licensing all the animals individually, whichever is greater.