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About Dr. Green - A Tucson Animal Clinic Veterinarian

Tucson Animal Clinic Vet, Dr. Green

I’m a native of Arizona, born and raised in Phoenix. My father was Dr. John R. Green, M.D., the very first neurosurgeon to come to Arizona and the entire Southwest region in 1949. He co-founded Barrow’s Neurological Institute in 1962 with Charles Barrow and Sister of Mercy at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Phoenix. Some of my fondest memories were growing up spending time with my father at St Joseph’s Hospital. I would accompany him on his “rounds” checking on his patients and going over cases with his staff and residents.

Growing up in Phoenix, I had a very special opportunity to ride and show saddle horses. I realized that I wanted to become a veterinarian during this time and my dad was very excited for me and encouraged me to pursue my dream.

Due to health concerns I wasn’t able to realize that dream until much later in life. With support of Vocational Rehabilitation, very good friends of mine, and a determined spirit, I managed to complete my goal and begin my career in 2008 upon graduation from Washington State University.

Dr. Dan Riley hired me in 1996 prior to going to veterinarian school. I worked as a receptionist while going to Pima Community College and the University of Arizona. Dr. Riley rehired me as a vet right out of school and I have worked here ever since. Dr. Karter Neal kept me on as a staff veterinarian when she bought this Tucson animal clinic. Dr. Neal is an amazing veterinarian and exceptional person. I love her passion and I believe in her. I also support her and Dr. Riley’s dream for affordable veterinary care, surgery and services.